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Faravardehaye Roghanie Iran Co Being constructed at Sirjan Free Zone, the Faravardehaye Roghanie Iran Co is one of the largest factories producing vegetable oil across Iran and the Middle East. It has a production capacity of 240,000 Tons of edible oil per year and it produces the best liquid and hydrogenated oil by deploying the most advanced technologies and American and European machinery and in accordance with the international standards.
Oils produced by this company are very pure and clear. Such purity reflects the high quality of oil purification in this factory. The Faravardehaye Roghanie Iran Co is the producer of 100% pure sunflower oil in Iran. Moreover, it produces corn, canola, frying oils and shortening with unrivaled quality.

Bandar-Abbas Oil Bulk Terminal for storage and distribution of imported raw oils, several tanks with capacity of 250,000 Tons and a number of loading & unloading stations were built in the lands of Shahid Rajaei Port in 2006. This complex is the largest oil loading & unloading terminal of the Middle East.
Two 12- inch pipelines, equipped with steam coil and insulated system, connect the tanks to loading & unloading stations.
The oils are unloaded by the powerful pump house of the company installed at waterfronts No. 23 & 24 of Shahid Rajaei Port.
Tanks are loaded at the terminal by powerful centrifuge pumps (3000 Tons per Hour).The quality of all imported oils and fats are controlled as soon as they are unloaded. It should be mentioned that some of the tanks at Bandar-Abbas Port are equipped with heater so they can also keep various kinds of palm oil.








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Frico Group was established in 1993 as “a customer-centered, quality – oriented and knowledge-based company.” This group, formed of 18 subsidiary companies with more than 3000 staff, is now engaged in industrial, business, services and agricultural activities.

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Sunflower oil is one of the healthiest vegetable oils. It is rich in Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Vitamin B, Iron and Zink. This oil prevents from diabetics and, since it is rich of unsaturated fatty acids, it helps to stabilize the blood cholesterol. Nina Sunflower Oil with premium quality and completely transparent yellow color is a good choice for cooking food and making dressings and salads. It appropriately satisfies the daily nutrition needs of families. This high quality pure oil constitutes the largest portion of Frico Company’s products. Nina Sunflower Oil is 100% pure extract of oil seeds of sunflowers. This product is purified and packaged by the most advanced technologies.

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