In the name of god

Creation and creativity of man is a divine characteristic.
The modern human has achieved this great wellbeing and comfort in the light of efforts of his ancestors. In other words, the contemporary world is built on the great endeavors of our ancestors who ambitiously tried to achieve their high goals. And we, as their forthcoming generations, are trying to continue the road towards making a better future.
We, including all members of the large family of Frico Group, and I, are truly proud of playing a small but effective role in the progress of human towards a better future.
Our activities are mainly focused on industry and technology and, as we all know, industrial activities create a wealth which can be transferred to the next generations. So one of our greatest goals is to protect the endeavors of the previous generation and to add our created value to the outcome of their endeavors and, eventually, to hand over this wealth to the next generation.
I hope that God and people will be satisfied with what we are doing. We need the divine mercies in the course of trying to achieve our high goals.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Frico Group,
Dr. Seyed Mahdi Mirsalimi