Organizational Chart of Frico Holding

Frico’s board of directors is composed of professional members and managers having valuable specialized knowledge and experience in financial and investment areas as well as technical, commercial, and executive affairs. This fact plays a key role in adopting appropriate decisions in accordance with the interest and benefits of the organization and its customers, including contractors, […]

Frico Group

Frico Group was established in 1993 as “a customer-centered, quality – oriented and knowledge-based company.” This group, formed of 18 subsidiary companies with more than 3000 staff, is now engaged in industrial, business, services and agricultural activities. Frico Group is a leading company that represents the effective contribution of private sector in job creation and […]

In the name of god

Creation and creativity of man is a divine characteristic. The modern human has achieved this great wellbeing and comfort in the light of efforts of his ancestors. In other words, the contemporary world is built on the great endeavors of our ancestors who ambitiously tried to achieve their high goals. And we, as their forthcoming […]