Organizational Chart of Frico Holding

Frico’s board of directors is composed of professional members and managers having valuable specialized knowledge and experience in financial and investment areas as well as technical, commercial, and executive affairs. This fact plays a key role in adopting appropriate decisions in accordance with the interest and benefits of the organization and its customers, including contractors, employers, investors, buyers, etc.
Frico’s large family has constantly tried to identify its strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats in its business environment by employing knowledgeable and dedicated staff and using the latest technologies. By doing so, Frico has performed successfully in various industrial fields and, despite the sanctions and domestic and international crises, it has managed to help the industrial development and economic circulation of the country. All these endeavors are reflected in numerous successful projects of this holding company.

Frico Group

Frico Group was established in 1993 as “a customer-centered, quality – oriented and knowledge-based company.” This group, formed of 18 subsidiary companies with more than 3000 staff, is now engaged in industrial, business, services and agricultural activities.
Frico Group is a leading company that represents the effective contribution of private sector in job creation and industrial- economic growth of Islamic Republic of Iran. By establishing several offices in foreign countries such as U.A.E., Frico Group has gained a good reputation in the international markets. During its long years of activity, Frico Group has successfully met the needs of specified industries, based on comprehensive market studies and wide need assessments in the society as well as strategic planning. By doing so, it has promoted its status among its rivals in the country.

In the name of god

Creation and creativity of man is a divine characteristic.
The modern human has achieved this great wellbeing and comfort in the light of efforts of his ancestors. In other words, the contemporary world is built on the great endeavors of our ancestors who ambitiously tried to achieve their high goals. And we, as their forthcoming generations, are trying to continue the road towards making a better future.
We, including all members of the large family of Frico Group, and I, are truly proud of playing a small but effective role in the progress of human towards a better future.
Our activities are mainly focused on industry and technology and, as we all know, industrial activities create a wealth which can be transferred to the next generations. So one of our greatest goals is to protect the endeavors of the previous generation and to add our created value to the outcome of their endeavors and, eventually, to hand over this wealth to the next generation.
I hope that God and people will be satisfied with what we are doing. We need the divine mercies in the course of trying to achieve our high goals.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Frico Group,
Dr. Seyed Mahdi Mirsalimi