Bonyan Kesht Company was founded in 1997 as a research center for conducting agro-genetic studies on oil seeds.
The company imported sunflower and colza sample seeds from several renowned international companies and institutes and started to conduct basic studies on them as of 1999. So, it paved the way for choosing the appropriate hybrids for the climate of Iran and, for the first time in Iran, foreign sunflower hybrid seeds were produced in a large scale.
By importing the parent seeds of HYSUN33, HYSUN36, HYSUN25 from Pacific Seeds Company in Italy, the first Iranian hybrid seeds were produced-under the license of the Italian company- in large quantities (more than 32 Tons) by this company in 2003 and they were distributed between farmers by a competent company.
Hybrid seeds have some advantages, such as:
• Higher production capacity (more than 1 Ton in irrigated cultivation and 600 Kg. in rain fed cultivation)
• Homogenous growth of plants allows for simultaneous harvesting
• Resistance against seed diseases