Farayand Pooya Tehran Trading Company was established in 1993 for the purpose of: a) buying shares of producing and investment companies in various industrial sectors, b) construction of industrial and manufacturing factoring, c) doing relevant business and trading activities such as buying, selling and distributing various types of permissible commercial goods and d) importing and exporting raw materials and end products.
This company sells vegetable oil under the brand of “Narges Shiraz”. Since 2012, Farayand Pooya has started to register several new brands in order to compete with its rivals in the market. In 2013, two new brands named “Liqui” and “Mansi” were registered and the company started to produce packaging material and design oil containers for oil products of Iranian Oil Products Company. These oil products are ordered by Farayand Pooya Company and they are produced in factories of Frico Group. In near future, high quality oils under above brands will be distributed in domestic and international markets.