Nina Distribution Company was established in 2009 to distribute various types of edible vegetable oils produced by Frico Industrial Group. According to future development plans, this company will provide a diversified basket of goods across the country. At the present time, Nina Distribution Company works with several distribution points in 15 provinces of Iran. Its distribution and transportation fleet consists of 120 Isuzu trucks and Nissan pickup cars, all equipped with isolated cargo room. This company has capillary distribution system and, at the same time, manages the system with a full-automatic and online method.
In the commercial sales unit, Nina Distribution Company has several sales agencies who distribute the commodities across the country. The commercial sales unit covers the sales to fruit and vegetables markets and cooperatives as well as chain stores like, Shahrvand, Refah, Etka, Proma & Ofogh Kourosh and other public and local cooperatives. The mission of company is “Fast Distribution, Real Prices, and Customer Satisfaction.”