Persian Cellucom Company continues the activities of several IT companies dating back to 2004. The purpose of the company is to obtain sale and after-sale agencies of well-known mobile and tablet brands such as Apple (iphone) HTC, Lenovo ، Motorol، LG ، ZTE, I-Onik ، I-Mate and several other brands. At the present time, this company is the authorized agency of three brands of Apple ، HTC and I-Onik.
At the present time, the number of active subscribers of the four Iranian mobile operators has exceeded 150 million. However, there are only 76 million active SIM cards in Iran. So, it can be inferred that the market annually needs 20 million cellphones in order to meet the demands of customers who want to replace their old cellphones with a new one. At least 5% of the market demand can be replaced by two brands of Apple and HTC. Therefore, we can annually sell at least 1 million cellphones of the two mentioned brands, at least. By a good chance appropriate investment, we can achieve the mentioned goal.
Other aims of our company are as mentioned below:
• Establishment of an extensive sale network throughout the country by the help of reputable and experienced wholesalers. The number of these professional personnel reaches to 70.
• Equipping the after-sale service offices in Tehran and provincial capitals
• Employing professional and trained personnel in provincial capitals through concluding contract
• Rendering appropriate after-sale service approved by Consumer Protection Organization affiliated to Ministry of Industry, Mines & Commerce
Considering the long history of the company, guarantees provided by Persian Cellucom Company reassures the consumer about the quality of products. So the products distributed by this company have high chances of being purchased by the consumers.