With more than 65 years of experience, Shiraz Vegetable Oil Company produces vegetable liquid and hydrogenated oil and margarine. The nominal daily and annual production capacity of this factory is 450 and 120,000 Tons, respectively. Its laboratory is accredited by Standards Organization of Fars Province. This factory extracts oil from various seeds. It is equipped with can-making and metal print unit and, thus, produces the required tin cans.
Shiraz Vegetable Oil Company produces various products, including:
1. Semi-solid (partially hydrogenated) family oil- free from trans isomer
2. Sunflower, colza, frying and mixed oils
3. Wholesale (bulk) soybean oil used by food industries and sausages producers
4. Shortenings for baking biscuits, ice cream and producing dairy
5. Margarine for table, dairy industries and baking